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Representing Lawyers & Law Firms

Led by Darryl Lowe and Greg Brown, the core of Lowe Yeager & Brown PLLC’s practice has always advising and representing attorneys, judges, and law firms. The firm prides itself on being “lawyers for lawyers.”

Professional Liability.  Lawsuits against attorneys are increasingly coming from all directions.  The typical lawsuit is brought by a disgruntled client unhappy with the result of an underlying case or transaction.  While it is true that attorneys occasionally miss a deadline, most often these cases are merely “Monday morning quarterbacking” by clients who refuse to accept that the result of the underlying case or transaction was never certain.  An increasing number of cases are also being filed by opposing parties, claiming that attorneys are liable for malicious prosecution, fraud, and related claims.  We even see these claims brought against sitting judges.

Disciplinary Matters.  In addition to civil lawsuits filed by opposing parties, bar complaints are increasingly common.  Although these may be filed by dissatisfied clients, these are often filed by disgruntled opposing parties or, surprisingly, by their counsel who are unhappy with the course of a dispute.  A thorough knowledge of the rules governing the ethical practice of law, combined with our experience dealing with bar counsel, allows us to assist attorneys through the course of investigations and disciplinary proceedings.

Advice and Troubleshooting.  In the middle of a case, it can be easy to lose perspective.  For that reason, we are available to consult with attorneys in the representation of their clients.  This can be precipitated by an attorney wanting a second opinion, by an insurance company wanting a fresh look at a case, or in the midst of a dispute between an attorney and client over the handling of a pending matter.  In any case, our broad background in everything from CERCLA contribution claims to intellectual property licensing, across many jurisdictions, gives us the insight to advise our clients and “troubleshoot” pending cases.

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