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Other Practice Areas

Lowe Yeager & Brown PLLC primarily represents and advises lawyers and law firms. However, we have developed experience in particular areas, and we do represent other types of clients in other types of cases. Please click on one of the following for further information:

Representing Owners & Construction Professionals

The attorneys of Lowe Yeager & Brown have a long history of representing select clients, including designers, developers, and owners, in construction-related matters across the country.  The firm encourages early involvement of attorneys as part of a development team, as initial contracting lays the foundation for the disputes that too often evolve, and can mean the difference between an amicable resolution or full-blown litigation and trial.

  • Delay and change claims
  • Design defects
  • Construction defects
  • Water intrusion or moisture infiltration
  • Engineering defects
  • Building product defects
  • Encroachment

These are just a few of the many issues that can crop up.  As a firm of litigators, Lowe Yeager & Brown approaches each construction matter, from initial contracting through post-construction claim resolution, with an eye toward efficient and economical avoidance and resolution of disputes.  Their experience covers more than a dozen states and includes matters as diverse as representation of a construction engineering firm on a large municipal project in Florida; defective windows in a commercial property in Massachusetts; and delay and change claims suffered by a large D.C.-area developer.  Whether the nature of the claim is architect malpractice, engineer malpractice, construction defects or defective materials, Lowe Yeager & Brown has relevant experience.

Business & Commercial Matters

Over the years, the attorneys at Lowe Yeager & Brown PLLC have gained knowledge and experience in a wide variety of litigation subjects, in courts across the country, that affect the operation of businesses.  Some of these areas include the following:

  • Environmental claims, including but not limited to CERCLA contribution claims;
  • Relationships between medical providers, practice groups, and hospitals;
  • Radioactive waste disposal at nuclear decommissioning sites;
  • Intellectual property licensing disputes;
  • Non-compete and non-solicitation agreements and the Fair Labor Standards Act;
  • Breach of contracts, including purchase and sale agreements, employment agreements, and related issues;
  • UCC Claims, including sales of nonconforming goods;
  • Insurance coverage issues, including failure to insure;
  • Ethical and conflict issues faced by public officials;
  • Federal investigations, including agency investigations such as the Federal Trade Commission.

In addition to performing this work directly, this experience is the foundation for the firm’s representation of attorneys and law firms that are currently handling these diverse types of matters.  If you have a matter affecting your business that is of particular concern, please contact any attorney at the firm so that we can discuss our relevant experience and qualifications, and whether we can help you or recommend qualified counsel.

Nursing Home Litigation

Darryl Lowe has extensive experience and has an ongoing active practice in defense of skilled nursing facilities and long-term care facilities. His background, training, and significant experience in medical malpractice litigation contribute to his qualifications in this area of the law.


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