Litigation For Severe Personal Injury Claims

Time is money — and when you are severely injured, it is impossible to be at your professional peak. Reconditioning your body and mind through physical therapy and medical treatments takes time, money and dedication, and the inability to work can have a severely negative impact on your income and standard of living.

Lowe Yeager & Brown PLLC's experienced attorneys provide assertive representation to those who have suffered from a severe personal injury, from premises liability cases to construction injuries, industrial accidents and wrongful death. Our firm is discerning in the cases we choose to accept. Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest caliber of legal support, so when we work together on your personal injury case, you can be confident that we are fully committed to preparing a strong case and assisting you from initial filing through to representing you at trial.

Holding Those At Fault Accountable

Injuries occur every day, but when someone else's negligence is at fault for your injury, we will help to hold them accountable. In cases involving defective products, such as a malfunctioning or poorly designed medical device, you can count on our experience in taking on large corporations to get you the result that you deserve.

Don't Accept Negligence — Contact Us Today

No one thinks they will ever have to pursue a personal injury case. If you were injured because someone else was not taking the care that they ought, however, you should not have to pay the price — whether physical, emotional, or financial. Liability claims can result from any number of circumstances, from boating accidents where other drivers were not paying attention to hazardous or dangerous conditions at a pool.

Whatever your injury, you can discuss your case with a lawyer that will focus on your needs by calling our office in Knoxville, Tennessee, at 865-643-8591 or contacting our firm online.