Addressing The Legal Needs Of Public Officials

The role of a public official can often bring about legal complications. If you have encountered a legal challenge relating to your position, Lowe Yeager & Brown PLLC can provide comprehensive guidance and representation to resolve the issue.

Defending County Mayors In Salary Suits

Under Tennessee law, the holders of certain offices are entitled to petition for additional staff and salary amounts in order to ensure the adequate provision of public services. Such petitions are made when the budget provided by a county's legislature is considered by the holder to be insufficient for the proper conducting of their office. These petitions are then heard and ruled upon by a judge, with the county mayor named as the defendant.

Salary suits reside within a unique area of law that is addressed by few attorneys. Having represented county mayors in salary suits through trial and beyond, we understand the process. If you are facing a salary suit, our lawyers can prepare a strong defense and provide assertive representation in court.

Authoritative Advice On Ethical Compliance

Public officials are required to abide by various budgeting laws, which are often complex, arcane and poorly understood. Our firm's strong focus on addressing matters of compliance makes us uniquely well-suited to offering guidance for those who require assistance with meeting the legal requirements for administering public funds and ensuring that budgets are managed in accordance with the appropriate regulations.

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