Legal Support For Construction And Development Projects

All too often, large construction and development projects run the risk of devolving into complex and disruptive disputes. Lowe Yeager & Brown PLLC successful history of representing clients in construction-related matters has been achieved through encouraging the early involvement of attorneys as part of the development team in order to identify potential legal issues before they escalate into serious problems.

Providing Solutions For Common Construction Issues

Our firm is able to advise and represent clients in disputes concerning design, construction and engineering defects, as well as defending against claims of defective building products, encroachment and water intrusion. In many instances, these disputes can be brought to a successful conclusion through negotiation, mediation or other alternative methods of resolution; however, our team of practiced litigators is prepared to deliver a strong defense in the event that a conflict cannot be amicably resolved.

Contact Us For Legal Assistance On Your Construction Project

Our lawyers have experience in working with construction and development companies in over a dozen states, including several large municipal and commercial projects. We have also provided representation in architectural and engineering malpractice claims. To discuss how our services can help you to prevent legal issues from hindering the progress of your project, contact our offices in Knoxville, Tennessee, or Washington, D.C., online or by phone at 865-643-8591.