Advice And Representation For Lawyers And Law Firms

Lowe Yeager & Brown PLLC has provided legal assistance to attorneys and law firms for over 30 years. Our experienced team supports legal professionals in a wide range of matters, with a particular focus on issues of professional ethics and compliance. We pride ourselves on being first and foremost a law firm for lawyers, and we have represented many of the most well-known firms in Tennessee throughout our history.

Professional Liability Defense And Resolving Disciplinary Matters

Lawsuits against lawyers are an increasingly prevalent aspect of modern legal practice. Though many claims are brought by former clients who are dissatisfied with the outcome of their case, the number of professional liability cases filed by opposing parties and third parties is also growing. AtLowe Yeager & Brown PLLC, we defend attorneys resolutely against malpractice, fraud, malicious prosecution and other claims in order to protect their reputation and financial interests.

For clients involved in disciplinary proceedings or investigations by the Supreme Court of Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility, we provide steadfast representation and assistance based upon our comprehensive knowledge of the ethical rules governing legal practice, our solid relationships with Board counsel built on mutual respect and trust, and our understanding of the disciplinary process, from start to finish.

Guidance, Support And Troubleshooting

We are frequently asked to consult on especially complex or involved cases. Our legal team represents a broad spectrum of legal experience and knowledge, empowering us to deliver creative solutions to your firm's difficult cases and offer sound advice on client interactions and disputes.

We also offer guidance on intra-firm issues such as resolving disputes between partners, drafting and implementing ethics policies for the purpose of compliance and creating instruments such as engagement letters and contracts in order to safeguard your interests. Our experience also benefits those seeking to form their own law firm, as well as helping partners who wish to go their separate ways with the process of business divorce.

Contact Us To Discuss The Future Of Your Practice

Our counsel can help your practice to run more smoothly, more efficiently and with the security of knowing that you are operating in full compliance with ethical and professional guidelines. To discuss your goals or those of your firm with our experienced and established Knoxville legal team, contact us by phone at 865-643-8591 or online.