Supreme Court-Approved Mediation And Dispute Resolution

AtLowe Yeager & Brown PLLC, we aim to resolve your case as fully as possible in alignment with your desired goals. We discuss every client's legal needs in detail before deciding upon the strategy that most effectively addresses their circumstances and protects their interests. We aim to address your legal issues quickly, efficiently and with as little disruption to you or your business as possible.

While our attorneys are extremely capable of providing assertive representation at trial, litigation is not always the most appropriate means of achieving the most desirable outcome for our clients. In these circumstances, alternative approaches can help to resolve disputes expediently.

Achieving Successful Resolution Through Collaboration

As a mediator listed under Rule 31 of the Tennessee Supreme Court, lawyer Greg Brown facilitates discussions between parties who wish to settle legal disputes through discussion and collaboration without needing to go to trial. The mediator is an impartial participant, not a judge, tasked with managing mediation sessions and helping parties involved in a dispute to effectively communicate and resolve their differences in a mutually beneficial manner.

The mediation process aims to identify the core aspects of a dispute, break down the misconceptions that may lie behind the conflict and ultimately negotiate toward a settlement that satisfies both parties. With an extensive background in arbitration and mediation, Greg has empowered many clients to achieve a successful outcome to their legal conflict while reducing the cost and time involved.

Talk To Us About Alternative Options For Resolving Your Dispute

Our firm provides alternative dispute resolution services to businesses and law firms in Knoxville and the surrounding region. ADR is an efficient and effective way of reaching a desirable outcome in many legal conflicts, from construction disputes to commercial matters. Contact our firm via our website or by phone at 865-643-8591 to discuss how your dispute can benefit from the guidance of our certified mediator.