Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Defense

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, or FDCPA, was enacted by Congress in 1977 in order to curtail malicious and abusive practices on the part of those collecting consumer debts. In the years following its inception, many financial and legal institutions that practice debt collection in good faith have faced legal action under the Act.

Protecting Your Rights To Collect Monies Owed

Lowe Yeager & Brown PLLC represents collection agencies, financial institutions and legal practices in Tennessee whose rights to collect monies owed have been threatened by action under the FDCPA. Our experience in defending the rights of these businesses is extensive, including numerous class action FDCPA defenses, and we are well-positioned to represent your business in civil lawsuits and administrative proceedings.

Assisting Businesses With Compliance Issues

Our lawyers are also able to provide support to businesses and law firms who wish to ensure that their practices are in full compliance with FDCPA statutes and regulations. Our attorneys' comprehensive knowledge of ethics and professional standards allows us to troubleshoot your firm's organizational structure and processes to make sure that you are within the law and protect your finances and reputation against legal action.

Contact Lowe Yeager & Brown PLLC For FDCPA Advice And Defense

Our legal team can assist your firm with FDCPA compliance issues, whether you are currently facing a legal claim or wish to take proactive steps to prevent future legal action against your business. Call our Knoxville offices at 865-643-8591 or contact us through our website to discuss your legal needs.